Monday, July 18, 2005

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I'm pretty happy today. It all stemmed from my "special" day last week. That's when I became officially engaged! I'm surprised my hair didn't fall out, all the stressing & worrying that went into it. But I'm very glad I made that move, and looking forwward to the future. Will this make my fiancee GeckoChill?

Special Day

There are 2 reasons I'm smiling today. TODAY is my birthday. I see from last week's comments, Proactiff did some investigating to figure out what I was talking about. You came close, just a few days off. I celebrated by going home to Cleveland, where my parents had a pseudo family reunion / b-day party waiting for me. I saw cousins I haven't seen in 20 years! I didn't feel so bad when my other cousins didn't know their family either. Shame, since they all lived within 30 miles of each other.

Lucky Ride

You just straight called me out, CTA. But I guess you see why I went against my rule of buying a car versus paying to fix one. My funds were diverted for my special day. So here I am, test driving my new transmission on a 700 mile road trip to Cleveland! 1400 mile with the return trip, so I guess car is working fine now. I was very worried though. I can't imagine a worse place to find out my transmission is gone than going than in the mountains of Kentucky with a Big Rig barrelling behind me out of control.


And to keep my mouth smiling, I was popping candy the entire trip. I guess I didn't learn what happens to you when you eat too much candy. I was SOOOoooo sick when I got home.


OK, I'm attempting to try Ms Thing's advice, here's my horoscope:
It may be hard to deal with the opposing energies that are prevalent today, dear Cancer. Conflicting viewpoints and twisted perspectives are clashing within your world. Your emotions may be pinning you down to one side of the issue while a strong and powerful force is pulling you towards believing in a much more revolutionary approach. Try to maintain a balance in all situations - especially those which involve the sensitive emotions of others.

Uhh.... OK.


At 12:30 PM, Blogger Call 2 Arms said...

Love, is in the air. Congratulations.

How old are you now?

What does officially engaged mean? Were you unofficially engaged before?

I love road trips but I've never been on one that long. You are very very brave to take your car on a 700/1400 mile road trip after a repair. Although I don't see why you couldn't get the new car and do the special day. The cost of the transmission could have been the car downpayment.

But you gotta do you.

Did you have fun at the party?

At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats on the engagement, but i already predicted this. you moved faster than i thought, however, as it's been less than 6 months since i made my prediction.

my next prediction? it will last about 2 years. at least maybe now you'll get some ____ . have fun in hell, happily, i should never have to see either of you loser again. :)

At 12:51 PM, Blogger coley said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm truely happy for you two!!!!

Sounds like a long rode trip, glad you made it ok!

@Anonymous: WOW! You got serious issues!!!!

At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, coley, i *do* have issues, namely with so called friends who ask for your advice about/bitch about what to do in their relationship and then not only betray your trust, but turn around and ask said girl to marry them anyway. not to mention trying to publicly humilate me? that was my thanks for being supportive?

karma will take care of it though. i'm done. :)

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Jez Chill said...

C2A: I'm the big 3-2 now. Getting up there, not old yet though. I would have bought a new car, but higher priorities called. I was all ready to go rollin' in my B'mer 5 series or 300C! Party was nice. Especially seeing folks I haven't seen in years.

Coley: Thanks! The ride was about 11 hours. It would've been 10 - 10.5 if it wasn't for construction. And no speeding tickets!!!

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Brown Shuga said...

Awwwwww!!!!! *cyber hugs for both you and GeckoGirl* Congratulations!!!! This calls for a celebration!!! Drinks on me??? Eh...that would be one for you and one for GeckoGirl. *smile* LOL If not, I'll have a drink for you both. Right here in the comfort of my own home. Alone. *sigh* Oh but this is supposed to be a happy happy joy joy comment. I see you've watched Ren & Stimpy back in the day as well. *smile*
I'm really happy for you. Although, I haven't actually met you. I've had the pleasure of meeting GeckoGirl one time. She seems to be a very nice, sweet and financially smart woman! *making note to call her once I get some things together on my end*
Congratulations to the both of you. I am truly happy for you both. I reeeeeally am!

At 2:51 PM, Blogger E to the dwige said...

YEAH! (I'm jumping up and down) Congratulations and Happy Birthday! Cancers Rock! I'm soooo excited for you guys!

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Brown Shuga said...

Well damn. *shocked* What's up with the anonymous commenter?!? Da hell? *shaking head* Oh well. I guess everybody doesn't have to share in your JOY. I'm not saying they are hating but damn. Is it like dat?!?
I know I already commented but after I posted my comment, I decided to read the other comments. Much to my surprise, I didn't come across all nice comments. *wagging finger*

At 6:20 PM, Blogger WIP said...

*In comes the geeked commenter*

Oh! My first blog-wedding! I'm sure I'll vicariously attend (with or without y'alls invitation). Consider this my RSVP. Wondering exactly whose "keeping-up-with-the-Jones'" yard-house will go on the market? You do know we are looking to move, to Atlanta, possibly by summer 2006? Keep us posted. I'm sure I'm the only one who'll really be paying attention to all the minor "details." Aww, dag. I wanted to further my show-n-tell and let 'em know that you are officially 3-2. Upon my recent investigation, I saw that you were born in the year of the "Dog." Me too. I say it in the "About" section of my blog. "I got it off the paper-thin placemat in the Chinese joint." Yes, getting up there is how I like to think of it.

For biblical sake, I think it'll be "Chill-Gecko." It has a very nice ring to it, if I must say so. I really admire the fact that you two have kept your identities while blogging. I sensed a bit of "affection" on your part for GG, and I thought that you two were fortunate to have such a quality relationship. Working-out. Recent (cough) bootleg DVD viewing. Identical yards and yard knowledge. Fortunate. Now, a blessing to come. I bid you both much success and happiness.

Does this mean I must come to "Jez Chill" by way of your fiance`? I-on have a problem with that *wink*. Just let us know when the becomes the knot.come!

Hugs to you BOTH!


At 6:24 PM, Blogger WIP said...

Or, "Jez'Girl?" as long as you remain the head - and remember- that she's the neck that works the head. No. Pun. Intended.

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Jez Chill said...

Brown Suga: Thanks!!! A toast for us two is definitely in order. In fact, I'll drink for both of us! lol I agree, being with some so fiscally minded will ensure my funds will be taken care of for decades to come!

Edwige: Thanks!!! I'm very happy.

Proactiff: Thanks!!!! Yeah, a blog wedding. I'm scared to post my real thoughts of the pending wedding, but I'll post a few excerpts from my twisted mind.

At 1:43 AM, Blogger B.E.G said...


At 11:30 AM, Blogger Sheron said...

Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!!

Was this proposal suggested by your horoscope? LMAO Just kidding!

Have you two set a wedding date yet? Tell GeckoGirl to contact me if she needs any wedding planning assistance or information. Since I planned my own, I'm chocked full of details now :). If nothing else, please allow me to refer a FABULOUS photographer/photojournalist to you. I can show you proofs of my engagement photo session if you'd like.

Best wishes to you two!!! *throws confetti*

At 5:25 PM, Anonymous The Birthday Girl said...

awwwww Congrats and Happy Birthday!!!

At 11:17 AM, Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

Wow. Happy Birthday, and Congrats on your engagement. that is very cool!

At 11:42 AM, Blogger Don Tate II said...

Congratz! Wow, very cool. You are a slick one, we'd — or maybe I – would have never guessed. Keep us updated!

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Jez Chill said...


At 6:53 AM, Blogger Lambchop said...

Happy Belated B-day, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

At 6:53 AM, Blogger Lambchop said...

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At 1:09 AM, Blogger mytruth said... reader

At 7:47 AM, Blogger princessdominique said...

I enjoyed your blog. Congrats on the engagement! Love is a beautiful thing!


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