Monday, May 23, 2005


I made it to Albuquerque. Flight, sucked. Middle seat. No leg room. Exit row behind me, so my seat wouldn't recline. No movie. Got chips though! You know how when the plan lands, folks in the aisle stand up to get their luggage? When the guy stood up across the aisle from me, the family in the other seats used the spare seat to change their daughter's diaper. Ummmm, they couldn't wait 2 mins to do that in the airport restroom? They waited the entire flight, they couldn't have used the airport restroom? No, they had to share their joy with the rest of the passengers as we were waiting to deboard the plane.

Where y'all at?

I know they got some black folks out here somewhere. I haven't seen ANY! The only black I've seen is on the news. They finally caught the guy that killed his ex-girlfriend on America's Most Wanted. I've been to Walgreens (had to buy some Gatorade), restaurant, hotel, watched the news... WHERE Y'ALL AT? It's hot as hell here, by the way. If I lived here, no would ever see me either. I'd be in basement until the sun sets.


I organized a group of folks to play some paintball on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. 16 folks came out. Pretty good, since about the same number didn't show. We had a great time. I do have a few war wounds. They seem to be disappearing slowly. One girl came out, she was braver than many of the guys! Many of us met at IHOP first. I was thinking everyone flaked on me, since no one was there 15 mintues after our meet time. Then I remembered how 'you people' are. The gang was there between 20-30 minutes late. It was all good from then on. I need to start playing basketball again or something. I was so extremely sore. Soaking in my hot tub was just what I needed. Now I have to prepare for my camping/white water rafting/horseback riding trip immediately after I return back home.

Keyword Search

You guys are right, it is hilarious looking at the web searches folks use to find your sight. Some horny devil found my site by searching for "Ciara's Ass Crack". HA-HA-HA What are the crazy searches you've seen? Burger King and Rent-a-rim are my most popular searches. Speaking of BK, there was a long article on their new CEO in today's USA TODAY. He believes that provacative advertisements appeals more to their core customers (18-35 males), and they desire to see ads that they grew up with. I don't remember seeing a perverted, stalking, big ole plastic head in commercials when I grew up.


I see Curvy called me out to list my favorites. I'll see what I can come up with.


At 11:01 AM, Blogger Call 2 Arms said...

LOL. You are lucky they got the fugitive before you walked outside. They may have saw a black man and assumed you were him, since it only seems to be 1 living there.

When dealing with my people I try to schedule things an hour b4 I want them to start, to allow for the inherent time delay.

As for paintball I think most folks have realized it is painful. Lots of women don't want to get hurt and sweaty to have fun. I think laser tag is a friendly female alternative.

At 12:56 PM, Blogger desertrose said...

Your flight does sound like it sucked, I hate sucky flights! But picture a sucky flight from Germany to the states sitting next to a rather large woman, not to say anything about being large, but it doesn't make for a comfortable flight when the person sitting next to you is spilling in to your space for an 11 hour flight!
albequrque (not even trying to spell it right) sounds exciting!:) you should try and extend some west coast time in to cali!

At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Tiffany said...

Man, you sure are one adventurous brotha. I don't see how "Jez Chill" can be a good blog pseudonym for you *LOL*. I would say "sorry" that my descriptive post turned a reader away, but how you think your mother got you here? Maybe next time I'll insert a *warning*. I can't wait to see some of your favorite things...I'm thinking you were tagged 'cause you are so gosh-darn private up in here. Luckily you have a hot tub; sore-poor-OLD-man!

Skiing, water-rafting, paintball... you sure you black? Jez jokin'. When people find out that I've gone bungy (sp?) jumping they look at me like I'm a darn fool. I too can appreciate adventure.

At 5:17 PM, Blogger E to the dwige said...

LMAO at the key word search..I'm thinking of doing a post and highlighting my favorites. Weird how google pulls together the oddest words.

At 10:13 PM, Blogger Don Tate II said...

Between Humanity Critics vomit story and this diaper story, I'm not gonna get my late night dinner in.

At 9:27 AM, Blogger Rainmayun said...

I had a couple sucky flights like that going to and from Seattle. Going out there, I sat two rows in front of a child that must have had an ear infection or something, because he started screaming (not crying, hollering) as soon as we got altitute, and didn't stop until his hoarse screaming faded in the distance as I walked off the plane.

On the packed red-eye on the way back, I got stuck in a middle seat one row behind the exit row. Tried to sleep, no dice... the two equally broadshouldered men on either side of me made sure I never got comfortable. I was able to recline my seat, but it didn't help.

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Miki said...

On the subject of BK advertising, check this out.

Who is this supposed to appeal to? This is just plain creepy.

At 2:29 PM, Blogger WIP said...

I had a funny thought about you in all your adventurism ... Were you possibly a Black Boy Scout? Scout's honour, too, no lyin' 'bout it- LOL. I only know of one (my little cousin). My uncle used to love to attend the camping trips and what-not. Me and DH would look at each other like they were brothers from another family.

On another note, did you buy moms some non-bling-bling (I'll pick mine up whenever I'm in town, LOL.)? And, exactly how does one do a google on their own site? I wanna play. BTW, how long have you been locin'? Has it affected your position in "Corporate America?" Look, I'm givin' you something to blog about, don't get mad at all the Q's. Do tell [us] all (unless of course I google and find something about it on your blog; but, alas, I don't yet know how to google).

At 6:56 PM, Blogger Jez Chill said...

C2A: I went to the mall, saw three black folks! The one who saw me went out of her way to say 'Hi'. I only saw one black worker at the company I'm visiting, along w/ the security guard. So much for diversity.

DesertRose: It would be nice for me to continue on to the Pacific coast, see my peeps. Not this time, gotta a camping trip waiting for me.

Tiffany: You're probably right, I don't do too much "chillin", and whole lot of "kickin' it". According to my google search, I've had this name since 1998. Beware of impostors!

I admit, I was a boy scout. Shhh. I was raised being very active, I guess I haven't changed. I did find my mom some handmade turquoise from the Zuni tribe. That shit's expensive!!! I'm leaving the price tag on it. Maybe I'll blog one day on the rest of your questions.

Edwige: Also shows you how weird some googlers are.

Don Tate: You're supposed to eat first!

Rainmayun: Didn't they claim to make all the seats more spacious several years ago?

At 10:27 AM, Blogger Rainmayun said...

I think the spacious seats ended after 9/11... gotta make that money! I hear first class is roomy though...

At 2:11 PM, Blogger coley said...

Hey there... Kinda late with my comment, but just got back from Sin City! I had the worst plane ride home. It was so small, you know the one with 2 seats on each side and a small ass isle in the middle. 2 of us got sepperated from the rest of the group and were seated in the very last row. We had a great view of the toilet, and had to sit in an uncomfortable (looked like we were being ejected forward) type of position! Plus the stewardist (sp?) was an angry bitch if I ever saw one! I'm so done with flying right about now!!!

At 2:16 PM, Blogger coley said...

OOOHHH I forgot to tell you the worst part of the plane ride home... It smelled like rotten tomatoes, and I almost threw up several times!!!

At 3:31 PM, Blogger The National Guard Experience said...

Jez Chill. I love the keyword search topic. Once I typed in "fetus ass muncher" on and my site popped up. No, not really. I might not be your typical reader, but had to say I love your blogging style.


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