Sunday, June 26, 2005

Wonder Briefs? WTF?

I know men (& women) appreciate the cleavage enhancing (creating) effect of a wonderbra. But would women appreciate seeing a man wear wear this? I'd hate to see a co-worker wearing these at a meeting. I would publicly embarass him!

Ghetto Car Show

So as some of you may have already read, I attended a ghetto car show this weekend. I saw some eye catching vehicles, as well as rides that make you wonder why it's even there. Maybe they were short on cars fill in empty spaces. I captured a few pics that really caught my eye. I was impressed with the motorcycle that was painted the ones in Biker Boyz. Then there was Mr. Romantic Baller that had wine & glasses encased in glass in his trunk. I dont' know the purpose of all that, but it looked nice. I preferred the classy tricked out cars, like the Chrysler 300C with the suicide doors, two toned, nothing that was consider too excessive. "WOW" was the ride with the huge NOS tank installed in the trunk, and "RIDICULOUS" was the ride that was altered with one center seat in the front. You see that the gas peddal is on one side, and brake/clutch on the other. But gear shift stick is in the same original position, which means the driver is shifting between his legs under the steering wheel. Uh, yeah. What I wasn't expecting was seeing all the semi-naked women walking around. I guess they helped to bring attention to certain rides or were looking for some Suga-Daddies.

New Driver

Oh, I wish I had my camera with on Friday. I saw this big ole SUV driving just under the speed limit, with a huge cardboard sign taped to the back window that read, "New Driver". OK. We all appreciate the concerned parent warning everyone behind so that we know why someone slowing everyone else down during rush hour traffic. What I don't understand, is why this parent felt that it was appropriate to obscure the driver's visibility in the back window? Knowing SUVs already have a huge blind spot, why cover up the entire back window? He could have just as easily taped the sign to the lower part of the SUV back door and be just as effective. Sure enough, as I passed the vehicle, the Dad is clinching to the "Oh Shit Handle" as if he was scared for his life.

Move: Rize

This documentary was enjoyable. Not great, but cool for a matinee. The movie's message was clear, and effectively shown... especially with all the upbeat music and good lighting and camera angles to catch all the crazy dancing they were doing. But what really bothered me is seeing a 4 year old doing moves that a woman 5 times her age would have be drooling uncontrollably. I understand, they learn from watching others and B.E.T. But if the parent doesn't see anything appropriate, one of the other adult dancers should have put a stop to it. Yeah yeah, she was just dancing & having fun. This 4 y/o started doing some Cali version of the Harlem shake, follwed by her lifting up her shirt, holding it in her mouth, rubbing her bare stomach, then broke down into a full split. This was followed by a grinding motion that had NOTHING to do with dancing. A sad reminder of how this event could happen in Atlanta.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger GeckoGirl said...

Uh, I was agreeing with you until you tried to correlate raunchy dancing with getting raped and murdered. The guy who did it is sick, plain and simple. Do you find four yard olds provacative? No, and I don't care how they're dancing. He likes little kids dancing or not - it's called pedophilia.

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Jez Chill said...

I agree. Pedophilia is sick. And if I have a daughter, she would never be acting in a manner to attract any of those sick men.

At 12:57 PM, Blogger GeckoGirl said...

That's my point. The kids aren't doing anything to attract. Merely being four is enough. They don't only seek out the "fast" ones.

At 6:30 PM, Blogger WIP said...

More like "wander" briefs because nothing 'bout 'em make me "wonder." What will they think of next? As for the "cultural" car show, I can't say much about that seeing I dwell in the land of "ghetto whips" and "hootchie-dressed honeys". . . I say we are truly the dirty-dirty South (being FLA that is).
The little girl and her moves I'm sure got a rise out of the crowd, "Oh, she's so cute...she can dance..." It's sad that "our" people still perpetuate that behavior. I have three of the most stiff (Dance Dance Revolution) moving children (not sure if they are 100% Black LOL) so I doubt they would attract a crowd with their "simulation". Regardless, "I wish a nigga would..." Sick pedophile bastards!

At 7:03 PM, Blogger Don Tate II said...

Wonder briefs: I'm at work, and I'm scared at what might pop up if I click. So, I'd better wait until I get home.

Ghetto car show: Ghetto folks just knows they like buying cars they can't afford. I must be ghetto, I kinda liked that yellow pimped out ride.

Movie: And her momma won't understand when she gets pregnant at 14.

At 7:36 PM, Blogger coley said...

Wonder briefs... WTF??? People have too much time on thier hands... what will they think of next?

Car shows are always excessorized by half naked women! That's a given! Where have you been Chill?

The 4 yr old dancing like that... HMMM! Speachless for now!

That's really sad about the 4 yr old who was found molested and murdered! I hope they find the suspect, and that he gets the death penalty! DAMN SICKO's!!! a 4 yr old! My god!!!

At 8:06 PM, Anonymous B..... said...

There's nothing worse then a wack a#%!$ show except for the idiots who threw it, who think it's hot.. well then again, there are TONS worse then that..let's delve, shall
Well murdering child rapist are worse
cars in a car show with
‘Under construction” written somewhere on it
Primered cars in car shows
The movie Biker Boys
wine glasses in cars
fish tanks in cars
“New driver signs or the baby on board signs in cars...
Most BET movies
the chick Megan from Biker Boys and those other "us" movies'

At 12:00 PM, Blogger Don Tate II said...

Wonderbrief, now that I've had a chance to look: *Ahem* a brotha doesn't have that problem.*Ahem* Excuse me.

At 1:05 PM, Blogger Jez Chill said...


At 12:49 AM, Anonymous Reddy said...

I'm too through lookin at the cars, especially the driver seat in the middle.. and woah not wonder briefs.. Totally hillaious.

At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Miss A. said...

just stick to boxer briefs... if you taint got it, you neva gonna have it!

lmao @ the parent who obscured the NEW driver's rear view. Reminds me of how my dad wanted to buy me a BIG OLE 'LACK, paint it yellow, and put big ole tires around it for bumpers (like the Cosby Show)


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