Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ignant Politician

I guess there's no qualifications to be a politician. I swear, we have the most ignorant commissioner representing my district. OK, I knew she was questionable when I saw her several times over the past year, but one would think that after a year of public speaking and dealing with any & everybody, she would be able to communicate like she has at least a middle school education! But nope. I attended a town hall meeting Monday, and could not believe that she could not read. It was like, the words were there, but they didn't make any sense, so she tried to make nonsense out of them.

You know how you read off of bullets, and you may elaborate on each point? Maybe that's what she doing, except there were no bullets. Someone did a great job writing complete sentences that made sense. But she would read it aloud, so it wouldn't make sense. It didn't help matters that she spoke just as ignorantly when answering questions. NEVER AGAIN will I vote for someone just cause s/he's black!

Anyways, I feel like an activist myself. I was protesting the developer in my area... trying to protect my property value. My question actually got heated when I accused the county planner of accepting the developer's lies, and being allowed to be misled instead of looking at the facts. I came to my senses later on that I need to be careful who I call a liar out in public unless I want to get sued. Even if I have the facts to prove it.

Today, I went to the Zoning hearing to make my protest directly in front of the developer and the panel that makes recomendations. He must've heard I was coming armed with facts, cause he asked for a "continuance" before I even got there. I expect he'll find a way to present without me knowing about it so I won't object, try to convince me that I shouldn't object because he'll do something for me, or most likely... he'll threaten to sue me. He's done it before. Bastard.

Web Skillz

Back in August, I announced that I was focusing on learning how to do some F.lash animation. I'm proud to announce, I have learned, I have practiced, I can now create some ultra-cool graphics and animations. I said I would show something impressive in 6 months. I'll see if I can put to gether a little project to post.

Workin 9-5...

My boss sent out a letter day expressing his frustration that no one was around at 7:30 AM when he needed some information. Well, duh! Who the hell goes around looking for folks at 7:30 AM? Was he looking for one person, and just surprised that no one else was here yet? Did he not realize that getting in at 7:30 serves no useful purpose if there's no meeting? We're supposed to work 9 hour days, plus lunch, so we're expectd to be there about 10 hours a day. Uh... yeah, right. It may happen, but don't expect it everyday. Most people subtract their lunch break, claiming since they ate at their desk, they didn't take a lunch break. Others like me.... take a 2 hour lunch break. :-) And yeah, most folks are gone around 5:00. So we've been advised when we come in early, make it a point to be seen. And be seen when you work late. I can't help but be seen, being the only dread-headed guy around. The only thing I will say is I will make an attempt to put in more hours & be more visible, but I'm not making any promises.


At 10:48 PM, Anonymous call2arms said...

Maybe you can visit the county registrar and check out how much money the developer gave to each commissioners campaign. If he has given near the max, they have a relationship. I'd then go back with signatures from registered voters who oppose the developer. Votes and/or money is how you reach a politician.

At 6:35 AM, Blogger Honest said...

See employers never remember the all the late nights or the emails sent from home in the evenings and on the weekends when they're "looking" for people. Luckily I work with folks who are cool with flexible work hours as long as the job is being done.


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