Saturday, December 11, 2004

Damn Married Folks...

Why did I walk into one of my work meetings to be greeted with, "Hey, I hear you're getting married!" What the hell? They knew I wasn't getting married, but it was their way of saying that I should be, and since I'm not, I should be pretty soon.
One person in my group just got engaged, so of course, she's excited. Another was apparently forced to admit he was going to pop the question. He must have been pressured into revealing his secret after they found out he was moving in with his baby's mama. So what does any of this have to do with me? NOTHING!!!
Last week, two of my co-workers took bets on when I was going to get married. One said a year. As much as I would love to see myself living happily ever after with my girlfriend, these outside influences are not speeding up the process. One day, maybe.

Speaking of which, have you heard about the first same-sex DIVORCE was filed? And the biggest issue in the guy-guy marriage is who's going to get custody of their 3 cats. Utterly ridiculous!


At 10:59 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Well I expect an invitation :P You know it does't end there, once they can't get you with the 'when are you getting married' lines they start on the 'when are you starting a family' lines... Jury is still out on whether it's married folk wanting everyone else to share the bliss they feel because of being married, or just wanting to bring everyone into the pit of despair they find themselves into *laugh* Anyone that's been a couple for more then a year (time may vary:) knows that both bliss and despair can occur in the same day... but yeah hassling somebody into it doesn't do anything to ease the transition. Go with the what feels right for you, as I know you will :)

As for the custody case... it's just the sort of thing to keep acouple together, the thought of having me and the pets or just the pets is enough to keep my man devoted *grin*

At 2:48 PM, Blogger somemodelchic said...

well, i guess i'm one of those 'damn married folks'. yep, it's a conspiracy to get you to come over to the dark side of the force. LOL! actually, i say you should wait till you're ready. and oh yeah, don't let us tell you when that time is. :)

and i do endure the "when are you having kids?" question every couple of months (been married 3 years, you know). smile, and ask them when they are planning to write you a support check to subsidize that little bundle of joy... :)

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Karen said...

3 years and still no children... when are they coming somemodelchic (assistance cheque in the mail, we have to keep this planet populated afterall :) Our PrimeMinister actually did start paying people to have babies, I don't know that we're so underpopulated here in Australia that we need to further encourage young girls in lower socio-economic situations to have children in order to help us out... but I'm sure as a loyal supporter of Bush our PrimeMinister (who I think is attempting to make us the 53rd State of the USA) knows what he's doing *lol*

You be careful where you weild that 'dark force', it could be dangerous in the wrong hands :)


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