Thursday, November 04, 2004

Corporate Hustler (Cont.)

OK. I'm on a mission. And to make my intentions sincere, I'm making my plan public. My management made an unsolicted comment that I didn't qualify for a promotion. Technically, that may be correct. But when you're a hustler, rules are just "challenges" that you need to overcome.

The position I'm reaching for is actually a management position, but there's no one under me. I certainly will be challenging my lead for his position, he's two levels above me anyways. My plan is to show my management that I meet these subjective rules by listing out facts. True, my facts are subjective as well. It's all about the presentation. After reading my ebonically correct letter stating that I am the man, I'll have everyone calling "Sir" by the end of the week.

Stay Tuned...

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas

Has anyone played this game? It the most degrading, sickening, violent, immoral, disrespectful game I've ever seen. I can't wait to play it again tonight!


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