Saturday, October 23, 2004


I had a nice time on Friday! I went to a Vail Resorts presentation. I knew they were going to be trying to get us to go to one of the Vail resorts this winter for some excellent skiing, but this event was off the chain! They had free drinks everywhere! Each resort had their unique drink. Margaritas, wine, that blue shit, beer, it was all good. Feel sorry for the folks that don't drink. I think they had water someplace. Awesome event...

Of course, the place was filled with travel agents. So they were ecstatic when they found a rare person that was not also in their profession. That was typical for the night, walked away with a bunch of business cards. But then there was this one guy. An old, caucasian, weird looking man. OK, here is what he looked like 20 years ago:
. I should've known from his creepy look that he has some demonic desires.

He gives me the typical travel agent spiel(sp?), and I promise to look him up for a future trip, the typical response. He talks about his wife & travels & everything, whatever. Then why did he compliment me on my long fingers? Not knowing where he's going with this conversation and feeling tipsy, I respond, "yeah, the ladies get real intrigued when they see them too." The conversation leaded to me confessing that I play the piano, and stated he wants me to teach him. A comment I, of course, ignored.

Fast forwarding to the next day, this fool e-mails me: I would love to come by sometime ... if that would be OK ... to see you doing your piano practice.  Would you please invite me?  I loved those fingers (and I had to S M I L E at your comment about some women might like to measure them .... and some another aspect of you !!  I really enjoyed that funny moment.)  Please ... if that would be ok ... call me on my cell anytime when you would have a few minutes.  I have WANTED to be able to learn...but have failed.  404 840 ####.

What the hell? I know Black women out here are all paranoid about Black men on the DL. For those that don't know, DL refers to men that have relationships with women but undercover sex with men (DownLow). All I could think about is this 65 y/o man, that's married, has a very sick motive. Or maybe I'm paranoid. Yes, I admit, I'm homophobic, but damn! This is some sick shit!

OK, new topic. I went to a house party tonight. Some folks were acting fools in the living room, all in good fun, dancing as if they were still in college. To add some fun, I started throwing money in air cause ole girl went from dancing with ole dude to acting like a stripper! They were all one dollar bills, and I was going to grab them back up, of course. But why did this one GHETTO chick run from the kitchen to grab one of my dollar bills?! G.H.E.T.T.O. On top of that, she kept it!!!!!!! I have a message for Ghetto Girl: If you really need my dollar that much, keep it! Everyone saw what you did, so don't expect to get any respect if we see you again!!!


At 9:32 AM, Blogger Call 2 Arms said...

That guy probably wants to chop your fingers off and eat them. He reads as stalker- scary and weird. If you see him standing outside your house, don't ask him why he is there, attack.

Why girl gotta be ghetto? You're throwing free dollars around, and "free" is a powerful world. My arms would be outstreched hoping for a $10.

At 1:41 PM, Blogger Rainmayun said...



At 9:12 AM, Anonymous SweetB... said...

...STILL Laughing at ole "finger" dude and the ghetto a@$! stripper! Honey, I am up on sunday morning ealry, visiting people's homes (blogs) and I am over here LAUGHING out loud as if you just told me those adventures in person! Great attention grabber! Thanks for venting.....
Long fingers...ahahahaha


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