Monday, October 18, 2004

Giving up on the Stock market!

I waived the whiie flag today! No mas. I've been bamboozled by the stock market.

I've dabbled in the market since 1997. But those were for long term gains. In 1991, I did my research, found some depressed stocks that were bound to improve, diversified the portfolio, I was in really good shape! I put my funds in in August. Then 9/11 happened. I instantly lost 20% of what I invested. It took an entire year to recoup my losses. I remained patient. Very patient. But after five years, my patience has run out. After 3 years of complaining, I finally cashed out. Do you want to know how much I gained in 5 years? 4.3%/. That's it! 5 years, totaling 4.3%. I made over 10% in my savings account over the same period! So plan A & B failed to make me into a sugar daddy. Plan C... Rental property!

On another note, I talked the kid assigned to me from my volunteer project today. If you don't know what I'm talking about it, you can read about it 3 posts below or click here. I see a potential bad kid that's talking to me with the utmost respect. Yes 'sir', No 'sir'. Maybe its because I'm never around any kids, but being called 'sir' is just tripping me out! Hopefully, its a sign that this kid takes me seriously and I can help influence him to stay out of trouble.


At 12:20 AM, Blogger Call 2 Arms said...

I'll place my stock money on the prospect that your assigned kid will have equal if not more influence on you than you will have on him.

At 9:51 AM, Blogger Jez Chill said...

You know, that's a pretty good bet. While my objective is to help the kids in the community, I will admit that I am learning more about myself and growing as a person. I think I will be an excellent father, and this experience is preparing me.


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