Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Corporate Hustler

We all know it's rough working in Corporate America. Most folks have enough sense to get out and run their own business or change careers. I decided that I'm going to stick it out, and move up the corporate ladder. What worked for me will probably not apply to others, and may not even work. But these are lessons that I learned that may help you succeed. Especially if you're a Black man in this White Corporate America (or any minority). I'm not the smartest person around, certainly not the hardest working, but I have been able to get my promotions & raises at a faster rate than my peers. I consider my road to success as Living the Life of a Corporate Hustler.

    Rules of a Corporate Hustler
  • Recognize Your Peers - Keep close tabs on your co-workers. When they start getting promoted & higher raises, take an inventory on every factor that makes you more qualified... this info will come in handy later

  • Direct Your Praises - Whenever anyone outside your group complements your work performance, reply by saying "Thank you. But if you really want to show gratitude, express your thanks to my manager." The impact of this is profound! While others may outperform you, you will have a much better impression in your manager's head because of all the outside praise you received. After a year of praises, and none from your peers, you will be moving up much faster than those annoying worker bees!

  • Seize Opportunities - I don't know why most worker bees are content to sit around until someone assigns them something. Seizing opportunities will give you much more exposure, experience, and opportunities to get more praises than your peers.
  • Don't Get Pigeon-holed - If you're in position where you are the "expert" or heading in a path where you will be the only person that can do that task, Get Out Quick! Find a new task, switch roles, do whatever it takes to avoid being stuck in a dead-end position. Managers should be aware of this concern, and will hopefully help you. Suggest one of the quiet worker bees take on that role instead.

  • Demand Respect - Management & peers will do as much as you allow them to. If they can avoid you doing promotion time, raises, new job opportunities, THEY WILL! Let them make that mistake once. After the first time you get ignored or disrespected, stand up for your dignity, but do so in a respectful manner. Several times I had to lay out the facts on the table to clearly get my point across. This scares management, because now you have evidence to use against them.
  • Dress For Success - Club gear won't work. Suit's make you look stuffy & fake. If you want your boss to see you as looking like you're promotion material, take notes on how he dresses.

I have many more points.... but I'm tired typing. I'm off to go see if the program manager is happy with my work!


At 3:39 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Bravo! Concise and well thought out. I'd give you a promotion based on your ground work in gaining a promotion alone. It shows that you're dedicated to achieving and that's something that every good boss should appreciate. The pidgeon hole part particularly, well spotted... ever thought of a job as an employment adviser?

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Jez Chill said...

Thanks!!! I'm too nice of a guy to charge for this knowledge. I will give more good advise for a free dinner though!!!


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