Thursday, December 02, 2004

Corporate Hustler Update

To update my Corporate Hustler plan, there have been some recent developments. There are some positions that will be availabe soon since there is a management shake-up going on. All signs point to the shaking making my own cubicle tremble. The other day, my manager told me to train the new-hire, get him up to speed on my tasks. My manager knows I wouldn't go anywhere without a promotion, so he's obviously thinks that he'll be able to move me somewhere. Keep your fingers crossed!

Men vs. Women

Just some food for thought.... Men & women are so drastically different, it's no wonder that we have conflicts. But as soon as we're able to understand, respect, and appease these differences, then we'll see that we can live in harmony.

Told ya so

How do you respectfully tell your boss, "Listen to what the hell I say & act on it!" Time & time again, I just have to sit back, and watch my unheeded warnings bite the company in the butt.
My job wants me to go to Denver immediately, but I need a security clearance. Which I have, in Cali. Cheap folks here wouldn't pay to transfer my clearance over. Now my management says they want me to get my clearance immediately so I can go to Denver.

Thanks for reading!!! I just had to b!tch to someone who would listen (read).


At 12:57 AM, Blogger Call 2 Arms said...

I laugh at your Men vs. Women blog. U r funny. How should one go about appease these differences. I hope you expound on this in a future blog.

Corporate Hustler

Shake those walls down.

What if the promotion requires you to relocate to Denver? Would you go?

At 1:01 AM, Blogger Jez Chill said...

Yeah, that will be a future blog post.

There's no way I would move to Denver. I don't even want to go there for a few months. I'd rather stay near my lady. :-)

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Brown Shuga said...

Wait a minute...your trip to Denver is going to require you stay for months???

At 9:51 PM, Blogger Jez Chill said...

If I was willing, they would have me stay in Denver for several months. But I'm not. So it looks like I may be required to go for a week or so. It all depends on my security clearance. The longer that takes, the more my mgmt will have to do since I can't. :-)


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