Monday, March 07, 2005

Vermont - Videos & Pics

I'm back from my Vermont ski trip! It was a site to behold... hundreds of negroes on skis & boards invading the mountain resort. Read about it here. The locals & visitors from New Hampshire & NY State were all friendly and very curious about this rare sighting.
I raced while I was up there. Yep. Not only do I ski, but I race. Check me out! I did pretty good... considering I now live in the South.
Check out a video of me racing. I don't show up until halfway through the movie. The guy I was racing fell down, so I'm the only one who crossed the finishline. Like I said, racing is supposed to be fun. But these idiots who make up the racing committee certainly know how to take the enjoyment out of it. I should have received a gold place medal since I had the fastest time in my category, 30-39 y/o. In fact, I was the only person in my category. So it didn't matter what time I received. When we get the computerized results, we learn that the computer made several errors that day. For me, the resort timekeepers failed to record my second race time. Although everyone acknowledges that I ran two clean runs, they decided to strip me of my medal due to the computer error. Taking something away that I earned, enjoyed, and was looking forward to receiving is very discouraging. I no longer desire to race with the organization. But I'm the race director for my ski club for next year (and this year), so I don't know how that will work out.

Ice, Ice Baby

Everyone has told me that skiing in the east is icy compared to the West. To me, icy means hitting an icy patch when the soft powder is absent. Wrong, that's West Coast Icy. East Coast Icy means you are literally skiing down a mountainside of ice. WTH? That's not fun. We all know, there was a major storm last week, dumped 16 inches of snow up on the mountain. But when the wind is blowing at 50 mph, there's not too much snow left, so we were still skiing on ice. CRAZY!!
Click Here to see an ice monument I came across.

Watch out for that TREE!!!!

You're only crazy when you do something that you do not have the ability to safely accomplish. So with that caveat, I enjoyed skiing through the glades. The glades are basicaly areas filled trees and other earthly obstacles.
Check out a video of my adventure. I know, video is rotated 90 degrees... *oops*

I'm sad to report... this trip marks the end of my ski season. *sniff-sniff*


At 3:59 PM, Blogger Call 2 Arms said...

Great videos and pics, ain't technology grand? It made me think of Blair Witch, so exciting.

That ski race stop was great, I like how you shook up the snow on that final turn.

As for the ice block that would scare me. My ski skills are at the level that I would feel comfortable getting near that. Although I might get some ice skates or a dinner tray and try to slide down.

At 4:51 PM, Blogger SunShyn said...

I did a double take, a black skier, thought it was a rare instance, but obviously, its not.

Found you through the Brutha Code...I'll visit again...

At 1:13 PM, Blogger Brown Shuga said...

Boy...*smh* It's just RACIAL! Just RACIAL! (what movie?) You need to go and demand you get your medal back!!!!
I couldn't EVEN imagine skiing down a slope of ice. Let alone SNOW!! hahahaha Remember, I'm still trying to conquer the bunny hill. (smile)

At 6:34 PM, Blogger Call 2 Arms said...

My post should say "my ski skills are not at the level that I would feel comfortable getting near that."

At 4:18 AM, Blogger B.E.G said...

I have been thinking about learning to ski but is so damn cold! Perhaps I'll give it a shot next winter.

Sounds like you had a good time....nice pictures.

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Call 2 Arms said...

B.E.G. you must go, especially because you live so close. Once you get out there the cold doesn't seem so sharp. I am a person that shivers in Oakland so I know what I speak of. You'll be so warm on the slopes that you'll take off your jacket.

At 1:03 AM, Blogger coley said...

@Call 2 arms and BEG: I want to learn to ski too...
@Jez Chill, if u lived closer you could teach us! BEG and I and one of our other co-workers are going to Tahoe in a few weeks! Hopefully if there's still snow we can learn. I tried to snow board once but that didn't really work out so well.. Hee hee. So BEG, I'm down if u are. Now we just have to get Sassyx to join in.


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