Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Political disappointment

I'm really not a fan of public speaking, but yesterday was just one of those days where if I didn't do it, who will. The silly businessman is building town homes adjacent to my subdivision. I missed important meetings and pushed off work to attend the zoning hearings before our elected board of commissioners. I noticed that all of the commissioners were familiar with the resident's (voter's) concerns, except for that little Black lady up there. I thought she was short, until I saw her sit up in the chair. Is her new job that boring? She didn't utter a word all day... until I get up there. I had forgotten that I voted her in to represent my district. After I stated numerous reasons why they townhomes should not be built, she didn't even initiate the conversation on the issue.

One of the other commissioners wondered how the shady developer received signed petitions when he acknowledged that the home owners were not at home, renters, and one home pad-locked. Anyways, my elected official finally woke up, didn't acknowledge any of my concerns, and approved the townhomes to be built. She struggled with the stipulations that were imposed, so the head commissioner had to help her read the rest of the list. I need to read the minutes (not posted yet), cause I don't understand the codes & language they use. I overheard the developer say that she approved the plan for a reduced number of townhomes to be built. The developer said he was going to appeal the decision, and come back with another plan proposal. Hopefully, there will be more than just myself next time that will appear before the board to emphasize how the residents do not support this plan, and we're the VOTERS dammit!

If I wasn't nervous, I would have described how inept this developer is: Missing entrance sign, unfinished landscaping, put a damn fence in the middle of my gf's backyard instead of at the property line (guess I only have to cut half the yard now).... I had these notes written down, but everything changes when you feel like you're standing before a grand jury.


At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How awful. Many of these board members are just there saying yes.

You should find out if an environmental impact report (EIR) exists. A developer was about to develop the golf course behind us, and attacking the EIR that was how the neigborhood shut it down. The City Council was all set to approve it. If the developer is as sloppy as you say, then I'm sure that is also sloppy. Perhaps you know someone who works at the EPA? you should ask them if that project is large enough to require one and where you could find it.


At 11:56 PM, Blogger Jez Chill said...

You gave me an idea. I can contact the county's Army Engineering Corps, or something like that. They are the ones that ensures that water flows where its supposed to to minimize or eliminate flooding, especially with new construction/development.


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