Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm Back!!!

Who said I was getting old? Yeah, my bones creak every time I move a joint, and I no longer hang with the 20 som'ns and no longer kick it like I did... even 20 years ago. But aside from all of that, I'm just as I young as I used to be. As I mentioned earlier, I was having a bit of trouble getting back in basketball shape, and was actually disappointed that I couldln't move like I used to. But guess what? It took 4 weeks, but I'm Back!! I have my youthful, springy legs back. When I played ball this past week, I became a dunking machine! Yes! I can still play above the rim!

So Sunday came, gametime, and I was juiced. Don't let me have an open layup... I had visions of dunking on somebody. Well, not onsomeone, just near someone. I should have searched for an opportunity at the beginning of the game, cause with each minute, everyone became more & more physical. In fact, I have 2 bruises near my right wrist, one bruise on my left shoulder, scab on my inner left knee (don't know how that happened), and a left over scab from from last week on my right knee. Did I forget to mention that this hostile, overly aggressive game is part of the CHURCH league?

In the first half, I had one of those blocks folks just dream of. Dude was taking a 3 point shot, I was in the air before he released the ball. I almost palmed his shot in mid-air! But just like in every kid's dream, I smacked his shot way into the 4th or 5th row of the stands!!! OK, fast foward to the 2nd half. I grab an open rebound. Everyone else is tired. I go up for the two-handed throw down, and *BOOM*! No, not what you're thinking. Some fool smacked me in the face on the way up, so I didn't get to throw it down. I was up there too! To make matters worse, the ref didn't call a foul. :-| Aside from winning the game, I was very happy for achieving my personal victory. I didn't have a goal of dunking again, or even necessariy dunking in the game (as I dream some more), but it was an indication that my dedication to staying fit & in shape has its rewards.


Yeah yeah, Trick or Treat. I celebrated last Halloween, passed out candy, posted a scarecrow in the frontyard... I used to dress up & scare the kids when they came to my crib in California, but I think I inflicted very permanent damage on some. I would turn off all the lights, except for the outdoor light. Open the door, it's pitch black inside. As the kids walk up, I would charge the door in my all black grim reaper outfit. Face covered... very scary. LOL The good ole days.

But those days are gone. You can read about last year's Halloween if you like, but based on these fools taking the fun out of my day last year, I have no desire to give out free candy this year. So why was my doorbell ringing throughout the night even though my outdoor lights are off? My parents are here, and they keep wanting to open the door... knowing they don't have any candy. I convinced them not to open the door anymore, but kids kept on coming up to my door. Why? I looked out the window, and saw parents out there. Is it because they see I'm eating dinner from the window? Is it because I seem friendly the other days of the year? Because they recall all the goodies I gave away last year? I don't know, beats me.

Ski Flashback

Ahh... getting chilly. You know what that means, right? Ski season is almost here. Here's a video clip of one of my adventures in Vermont. Unfortunately, you'll have to tip your head sideways to see it clearly... or lay your monitor on it's right side. lol As I look at it, it made me wonder if I will have anyone skiing with me this season when I take my more adventerous route. And no, I'm not crazy, I have the skills to make it through safely. Can't wait to hit the slopes!!!


At 9:36 AM, Anonymous call2arms said...

you're a daredevil, and the only view I plan to ever have of skiing through trees. The one time I found myself in that type of setting, I realized my ski partner was lost and I got us back to a tram.

As for b-ball and getting older I remember being a kid and watching my cousins, new husbands play basketball with the high school girls. One of my new guy cousins, attempted a shot, pulled his back and spent the weekend in bed. It was hillarious, those guys were determined to win and still lost.

At 10:15 AM, Blogger Brotha Buck said...

I'm Back: Part of the church league, lol! Thats why my church ain't talked me into playing. I know I cant play and the pastor always promises a nice tame game. No, I'll stick to painting in the safety of my art studio. Ill let you do all the skiing, Sonny Bono kinda messed it up for me.

At 10:28 AM, Blogger Groove said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I can't believe you scared those innocent lil kids like that. Shame on you!

Glad your back in shape. Feels good Doesn't it?

At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Miss A said...

I'm still motivating myself to get back into shape. Kudos to you!

Halloween: You're the hated neighbor this year, hunh? *wink*

At 1:38 AM, Blogger Rose said...

The church league games I watched were very intense and aggressive..not surprised


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